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Professional management nonprofit, Aileron, was in the process of defining a clear positioning and point of difference to better capture its value for business owners. They had been struggling to consistently define these key strategic elements and sought an objective, expert point of view on their opportunity areas, benchmarked to key competitors.

Brand  Assessment
Competitive Audit
Action Steps


Brand Evaluator Assessment Scorecard, Competitive Audit and Action Steps


Through our proprietary Brand Evaluator Assessment process, we helped the Aileron team understand how their brand presents itself in market relative to others. We also captured areas where communication and brand identity can be optimized to unlock ownable differentiation and meaningfully connect with its audience. The assessment was a valuable checkpoint in their process and helped the team feel more confident.


“The Brand Evaluator Assessment provided great information and value for the time and money spent. In less than 30 days you'll have a health report on your brand and action steps to focus on in the next 6-12 months."

- Stacy Sheldon, Director of Marketing Engagement

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The Brand Evaluator Assessment

Offers an outside perspective, based on your business and brand strategy, at how your brand (i.e. company) presents itself in market. It’s a benchmark for tracking an organization’s brand building success.

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Brand & Competitive Audit

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