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Christin Collins Brand Design


Author and Certified Purpose Practitioner, Christin Collins, was expanding her portfolio and needed to clearly convey the role each of her offers provided and how they were interrelated to increase awareness and engagement.

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We created a holistic branding solution that brought clarity for how people could engage with Christin and her content. We unified the multiple offerings and platforms leveraging an umbrella strategy, story and visual identity. We also developed a naming system that reflected her brand purpose and mission and allowed for expansion. For instance, her new book "Her Phoenix Rising" was an existing title that we built around to ensure her portfolio cohesively linked together.

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brand story

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naming strategy


Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Naming System, Voice Principles, Visual Identity, Website Layout, Social Media Copy/Collateral Templates and Brand Guidelines.

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“The Brand Evaluator was exactly the experience I needed to gain laser focus clarity on my business offerings, needs and alignment. The level of professionalism, and value add exceeded any and all expectations. They consistently and swiftly created a beautifully designed finished product that far exceeded my imagination."

- Christin Collins, Author & Certified Purpose Practitioner

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website & collateral design

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