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Cincinnati Animal CARE


A year ago, Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society replaced the SPCA as the Hamilton County shelter operator. Despite the success and expertise of the team, there was a lack of awareness and recognition on the operational change, which limited financial, foster, and volunteer support. The key objective for our project was increasing understanding of who the organization is and what they do.

brand assessment
brand strategy

brand story

logo exploration

brand guidelines


brand assessment, brand strategy, brand story, naming, logo exploration, brand guidelines


Our Brand Evaluator Assessment revealed the opportunity to evolve the brand position to encompass the breadth of services the organization offers that help pets and their people thrive. The brand strategy framework provided clarity to board and staff members on their unique point of difference and personality. We also recommended a new name and developed a logo adaption and brand story to elevate the organization's mission within the community. 


“Working with The Brand Evaluator helped us establish who we are and how we want to be perceived in the community. Your process helped us focus on things that needed to be focused on in establishing a community identity and sustainable business long term. "

- Carol Sanger
Board President, Cincinnati Animal Care

Logo  Adaptation

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Brand Story

Cincinnati Animal CARE is THE Hamilton County Shelter and Resource Center. As the only open intake no-kill animal shelter and resource center serving Hamilton County, our mission is to provide lifesaving care and comprehensive educational support to create positive outcomes for every animal.


Our experienced team utilizes progressive, best practices that benefit an animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing and encourages inclusive community support to achieve successful, long-term results. Compassion, Advocacy, Rescue, and Education are values we hold true in everything we do...

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