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How memorable is your visual identity and messaging? Would people be able to recall it? Can your employees and stakeholders easily convey how your organization solves your customer's problem better than anyone else?

An ownable brand presence is always possible. As entrepreneurs and experienced brand builders, we understand the need for a structured framework for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We help you improve your brand building by leveraging your strengths. Plus you'll do so without breaking the bank.


Our proprietary Brand Evaluator Assessment Scorecard quickly lets brands know where they stand. It helps answer questions such as “Should I invest more in branding?” or “Does my brand have the equity to expand into new products/services?”


If your brand needs refining or renovation, our three step process can be customized to work for a range of budgets and needs. We also conduct half-day Brand Building 101 work sessions to educate new employees and cross functional teams on the value brand building brings to your business.

BE Tool

#1  Brand Assessment 

A deep dive of how your brand is perceived and appears in market compared to others. We evaluate the ability of your brand to:

1) Clearly and consistently convey why people should care about your mission/purpose.

2) Meet your target audience needs.

3) Create distinct associations that people correctly assign to your organization.


Our Brand Evaluator assessment summarizes strengths and opportunity areas and includes our recommendations for building your brand. 

#2  Define your 

Organizations that successfully build their brand are guided by an ownable advantage that meets a relevant need. We'll help you define what makes you uniquely able to solve people's problems and bring it to life in a brand story. Let's roll up our sleeves and brainstorm the possibilities leveraging learning from the Brand Assessment.

#3  Create & Refine 

Signature assets easily and distinctively identify your brand and organization. We'll bring to life your POD through 2-3 assets and show them in action across key touchpoints. We'll also create brand guidelines to help your team consistently build your brand. 

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 Point of Difference

 your Assets

 (know where you stand)

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