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Maintaining An Authentic Brand Voice with AI

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Generative AI/LLM tools like ChatGpt have no doubt streamlined communication development. Their ability to gather and create content for a myriad of subjects expands the capabilities of marketing teams.

While these tools unlock efficiency, they lack the brand branding element so critical to building a meaningful customer relationship that’s distinct from competitors – Your Brand Voice. True, you can guide AI by sharing past messaging examples and detailed prompts, but it’s your brand personality and expertise that makes your organization unique.

Here’s what we found when asking ChatGpt about brand voice in creating content:

“As an AI language model, I don't have a specific brand voice of my own. However, I can be customized and trained to adopt a particular brand voice or tone based on the preferences and guidelines provided by the developers or users.”

And when asked to describe brand voice as written by a hip creative agency with a quirky personality, the response showcased how the system literally interprets words, exaggerates characteristics and injects emojis for emphasis.

Hey there, you awesome human being! Welcome to the grooviest, most creative agency in town! 🎉 We're not your run-of-the-mill, suit-and-tie type of agency. Nah, we're all about embracing our quirks and adding a splash of pizzazz to everything we do! 🎨

We think you may spend more effort than its worth to continually train ChatGPT to get close to being a true Brand Voice. Any efficiency gained in gathering content may be lost in rewrites! Try your own ChatGPT test in creating copy that’s authentic to your brand voice and let us know what you learn.

For additional suggestions for leveraging AI as an input and reviewer to ensure brand voice is clear, check out this article by Channel Futures.

The Brand Evaluator is a joint venture of independent brand builders – Michelle Thompson, BrandSpark Design LLC and Christine Sech, Brave Oak Brand Building LLC. We work with emerging businesses to help them clearly and meaningfully convey their organization’s value through brand building strategy, design and content that drives results.

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